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Baixar Bula

Zinc Oxide-Eugenol Impression Paste

• Indicated for impressions of surfaces without retentions, specially edentulous cases

• Kit composed of 2 pastes (base and accelerator), based on zinc oxide and eugenol 

• Presents low eugenol content. It does not irritate the tissues

• It contains orange oil to minimize the eugenol flavor

• Impression paste mixture has excellent flow properties

• It allows an impression with great fidelity 

Box containing 1 tube with 120g of base paste and 

1 tube with 60g of accelerator paste

(Attention to these quantities compared to other brands)

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Baixar Bula

Condensation Silicon System for Impressions

• Indicated for impressions of great precision of details

• Excellent dimensional stability

• Kit composed of Putty mass, Light body and Universal catalyst 

• The first C-Silicon to contain CLOREXIDINE in the composition, for preventing cross-contamination

• Highly hydrophilic and presenting thixotropic properties

• Light body with excellent viscosity

• Very easy to handle and mix, with excellent working time

• Mint flavor



  Putty - Pot with 500g o 1 kg

  Light Body - Tube with 120g

  Universal Catalyst - Tube with 50g